What is Sleven Strongman?

10 Feb

At the start of the year I introduced Sleven Strongman to the Saturday mix, closely followed by a Tuesday 8am class then late Monday class at 8.30pm. I’d like to explain a little more about what this is and what kind of things we do.

Each session I rotate between overhead carries, prowler drags (backwards), prowler harness (forwards), prowler pushes, and prowler rope pulls.

We lift awkward objects like sandbags, slam/d-balls and Atlas stones. Also into the mix goes rope climbs, kettlebells and anything else that fits the heavy and simple requirement, whilst we challenge planes of movement you’re less familiar with and grips you don’t often use.

The focus is to have low skill movements you can safely go heavy with that doesn’t beat you in the way that doing a lot of barbell can sometimes do. So you load, carry and hold things.

Due to the low skill, there’s only one main barrier – your mind (and maybe some horrendous lactic acid build up). Expect to leave initially exhausted but with an endorphin response that will make you feel like a rockstar.

This Saturday (Feb 11th), for example, we’ll be doing some prowler harness pulls, followed by two short workouts of 5 minute max effort of sandbag clean to over-the-shoulder, and some lighter prowler pushes done Tabata style. Get ready to go the dark place.


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