CrossFit Open post-WOD interview: Mark

03 Mar

1. How did you feel when you heard it what the workout was?

Knew I would scale it and watched all the videos online of women with bigger arms than me doing muscle ups. My second option was to spend a weekend watching come dine with me and crying into my pizza.

2. What were your expectations going into it? How far did you expect to get? Did you expect to do it within the time cap?

I thought I would at least RX it as I snatched half that weight on 17.1 but I was wrong. Didn’t think I would get the pull ups but I was surprised I got through a full set and even happier I got to that as my last set and pushed out a few more. It was a long 12 minutes!

3. What was your strategy before the workout began? How did that hold up?

To break up the pull ups into manageable sets and power through the walking lunges with no breaks. It worked and I was left amazed this was not even RX. The sport of super humans!

4. How did you feel during the workout? What kept you motivated/going?

Felt a bit sick and re tasted my breakfast but it passed. Motivated to clear the first two rounds and at least get to the pull ups.

5. Feelings after the workout? Relief? Disappointment? Happy?

Happy as I got my pull ups and can spend a weekend watching come dine with me and crying onto my pizza for not RX’ing it

6. Will you retest?

I might try on Monday but that RX standard of 45kg total walking lunge for men and muscle ups I don’t think will happen this year. Something to aim for next year!

7. If you were to retest how would you do it differently?

I think I would stay the same maybe try to do the cleans faster.

8. Predictions for 17.2? Any thoughts on what it will be? What you’d like it to be? What you wouldn’t want to see?

Definitely a barbell complex and role climbs. Everything I won’t want to see! But that’s good it makes me see my standard and gives me a lot more to work towards.

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