CrossFit Open WOD post-interview: Emma

05 Mar

1. How did you feel when you heard it what the workout was?

The first thing I did on Friday morning was check the CrossFit website. I was fuming when I saw what the 17.2 workout was. Sixteen pull ups for the women’s SCALED event?!? At least there will be lots of crossfitters around the world getting their first pull up/muscle up this weekend I thought.

2. What were your expectations going into it? How far did you expect to get? Did you expect to do it within the time cap?

I expected to be quite comfortable with the walking lunges and cleans using 10kg dumbbells and I thought I might struggle with the knee raises. I didn’t think I’d get any pull ups.

3. What was your strategy before the workout began? How did that hold up?

My strategy was to get to the pull ups as quickly as possible and break the knee raises into sets of four. I stuck to the plan and it worked well for me.

4. How did you feel during the workout? What kept you motivated/going?

I had been really ill on the three days running up to 17.1 so I had a really bad time of it. I had no energy going into the workout – couldn’t hold my form on the dumbbell snatches and I had to dig deeper than perhaps I ever have done before to keep moving. I was keen to put that one behind me and do a good job of 17.2. That is what kept me motivated. I concentrated on my form during the dumbbell cleans and I felt strong getting up to the pull ups.

5. Feelings after the workout? Relief? Disappointment? Happy?

I got to the pull ups in 4:16 and I got my first pull up! It wasn’t beautiful – took a little while for me to get up there with some kind of double kip (I’m not really sure how I did it) but it was a pretty cool feeling having my SE11 friends including coaches Nick and Chris and my boyfriend cheering me on.

I was also over the moon for Jana who got her first three pull ups! I feel like a barrier to my CrossFit progression has come down and I feel more motivated than ever to train hard. My list of goals are feeling less out of reach.

6. Will you retest?

No – I’m happy with my result on attempt 1 and I opted for a Sunday morning MetCon for a proper gassy workout this weekend (rather than another four minute WOD)!

7. If you were to retest how would you do it differently?

I’d go into it believing I could get a pull up!

8. Predictions for 17.2? Any thoughts on what it will be? What you’d like it to be? What you wouldn’t want to see?

I’m not very good at predicting these things. I’d like to see push presses and/ or deadlifts and maybe a bit of rowing. I do not want to see barbell snatches or barbell overhead squats!

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