Tim’s Take: CrossFit Open 17.3

10 Mar

By Coach Tim Lawrence.

The appearance of barbells had been widely predicted for 17.3, as was some sort of ‘earn the right to continue’ workout scheme, so this week’s Open WOD doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

17.3 is going to be a very personal WOD, in pacing terms, depending on your snatching ability. To pace properly, whether RX or scaled, you need to have an idea of where, realistically, you will get to, and set your target accordingly.

Respect the first three rounds: you will be fresh and the snatches are light. Avoid the temptation to go as fast as possible here as this will cause a big spike in your heart rate and, make the next three rounds, with significantly heavier snatches, challenging.

Scaled athletes, be aware that the jumping pull-ups are VERY gassy, hold back on the initial rounds, it’s proving very easy to overcook there. The person who has achieved the best score, by some margin, so far today, was around 30 seconds slower to complete the first three rounds than almost everyone else. For RX athletes, drop the ego on the chest-to-bar. It’s going to be tempting to try and go unbroken at first, six reps looks pretty easy. But remember, getting through the first six rounds will require 39 chest-to-bars. So break the sets and take short rests.

Try and be smooth and efficient with your snatches. Focus on your technique and be aggressive with your hips. If you watched the announcement, you will have seem that Cole Sager and Scott Panchik, Games competitors, did the first rounds of snatches (probably only around 35% of their 1RM) in singles. If you’re going rx, you should probably do the same!

If you usually snatch in oly shoes, wear them. They will have an insignificant effect on your chest-to-bar pull ups (and none on your jumping pull-ups) but will benefit your snatches.

Good luck, I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone gets on!

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