Tim’s Take: CrossFit Open 17.4

17 Mar

By Coach Tim Lawrence

Many people had expected a chipper this week and predictions of a repeat of 16.4 were widespread, so little surprise about 17.4.

It’s absolutely critical to plan your approach to the deadlifts, especially if you’re doing the RX version of the workout. Small sets is the way to do them, even if you can comfortably deadlift the weight, and I’d recommend trying to do, say, 6 reps every 20 seconds (or a similar scheme that’s appropriate for you). It will seem VERY easy at first, but stick your plan as it will get tough.

Wall balls, if possible some larger sets to begin with. Sets of 5 are fine, but even if you restrict yourself to just 5 seconds rest between them, you will be spending almost a minute resting. Scaled men, you get to throw to the 9 foot line – enjoy it!

The row is likely to feel tougher than you expect. Don’t get downhearted! Get straight onto the rower as soon as you finish the wall balls, even if you’re rowing really slowly,  at least the calories will be clicking up. Then try and ease into your pace. Slacken off the pace at 52 calories to prepare yourself for the handstand push-ups or push-ups.

If you’re doing the RX WOD, make sure that you understand the handstand push up standard and practice a few reps.

Good luck!

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