Tim’s Take: CrossFit Open 17.5

24 Mar

By Coach Tim Lawrence.

17.5, thrusters and double unders, widely predicted and, perhaps, the only surprise (relief?) is that isn’t dumbell thrusters!
The first thing to say is that this is a tough WOD. It’s easy to think ‘it not too bad’ at first glance, only nine thrusters and 35 DUs. But 10 rounds of this will take its toll! There are some things which will make it easier.

First, pacing. By this evening, you will have some idea of how long it’s been taking and this should help you plan a target pace. Aim for a consistent pace across the rounds. This will mean starting at a pace which will probably feel far too easy. If your target time is, say, 15 minutes, you have 90 seconds per round. Keep an eye on the clock and stick to your plan.

Second, take a steady pace on the thrusters and make sure that you breathe! Pause briefly overhead if you need to rest. Ideally, go unbroken, if you need to break, try and avoid doing so more than once each round – go for 5/4 reps if you’re breaking.

Third, be efficient on your transitions between barbell and jump rope. There are 18 transitions in this WOD and wasting 10 seconds on each one will add up to 3 minutes. Move purposefully between each movement and put your rope down carefully – you don’t want to have to untangle it mid WOD!

Finally, the skipping. You have 35 singles or DUs to do and, if you’re scaling or if you are confident with your DUs, this will not take long. The 40 minute time cap will allow many who are not so confident with their DUs to do the rx’d WOD. If this is you and you’re getting through your DUs in sets of four or five, it will probably take you 25 minutes or more to finish. This is fine: plan for this and don’t allow yourself to become stressed or downhearted. If you find yourself missing some, don’t worry, stay calm and relax.

Enjoy the final WOD of this year’s Open and good luck!

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