Member spotlight

15 Aug

Who are our members? What have they achieved training with us? And what motivates them? Here’s a spotlight on one of the fantastic members of our community:

Cathy Tyrell-Knights

With a full year under her belt now (July 2016), Cathy has come a long way. With a previous fitness history of martial arts training she hadn’t done much in the way of barbell and definitely not much gymnastics.

She is now closer to that elusive pull-up, has overcome her struggle with dreaded box jumps, nearly at bodyweight back squat, can do a handstand hold, improved control of skipping with a rope and very recently hit triple figures for her deadlift: 102.5kg!

In addition to all her personal goals, she has also competed for CrossFit SE11 in the London Box Battles competition.

Aside from the Level 2 WOD classes, Cathy attends CrossFit Gymnastics despite finding this a challenging area. She also loves Mobility and Flexibility and is a huge advocate for Jenny’s Thursday class, believing it keeps her training safe and has contributed to the improvements and success she’s seen with CrossFit.

Why does she train here? The experienced and encouraging coaches and because of how inclusive and welcoming she has found everyone to be.

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