Member spotlight

22 Aug

Who are our members? What have they achieved training“ with us? And what motivates them? Here’s a spotlight on one of the fantastic members of our community:

Michele Battelli

Michele joined us back in November last year so he’s just under a year training at CrossFit SE11. But he has been involved with CrossFit since 2008 when he attained his Level 1 trainer qualification and opened a corporate gym. After selling up and a car accident which heavily injured his shoulder, he then was on hiatus with pretty much all training until 2015 when he took up an interest in mountaineering.

Since training with us he has PB’ed all of his big lifts apart from front squat and found new bests in both Fran and Cindy times. His aim now is a 100kg clean.

Gymnastics wise, he came to us without handstand push-ups and can now do 3-5 reps. Mastering the butterfly is now on Michele’s list of goals.

He’s pretty much a Level 2 regular in his training so lots of WODs, some Oly, some Powerlifting Club and less regularly with Strongman and CrossFit Gymnastics (which he thinks he probably needs more of now). His focus is on engine – he would rather keep holding the bar or have a faster time than put an extra 5kg on his deadlift.

What he enjoys most about training at CrossFit SE11 is the community and support and friendliness of the coaches and members.

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