Member spotlight

08 Aug

Who are our members? What have they achieved training with us? And what motivates them? Here’s a spotlight on one of the fantastic members of our community:

Chris Houlihan

Chris has been training with us for 6 months. It’s easy enough to recall when he started because his second ever class at the gym was the Open WOD 17.1. And we remember him and fellow newbie Andy attacking this with brilliant spirit as they competed in a friendly head-to-head despite being brand new and scaling things back throughout the competition.

Previously he’d just done regular gym but recently has hit some impressive CrossFit milestones with ring and bar muscle-ups. A big focus for him at the moment is improving his Olympic weightlifting. He’s a regular with Level 2 classes to build his engine and allow him to practise skills, and with CrossFit Gymnastics to build and hone many of those skills needed.

Whilst we always encourage to compete against yourself, Chris had a good eye for sizing up his competition within the gym for some healthy banter and motivation. Usually it’s Mariano. But he’s well known in morning, evening and weekend classes for both good (supportive and friendly) and bad (trash talking) reasons.

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