Member spotlight

22 Sep

Who are our members? What have they achieved training with us? And what motivates them? Here’s a spotlight on one of the fantastic members of our community:

Mark Hollis

Mark has been training at CrossFit SE11 for just under a year having tried another local affiliate and hearing good things about us.

We’ve watched Mark make great progress with us. He started having no pull-ups, push-ups and a healthy fear of the handstand. He recently got his first strict handstand push-up and can do pull-ups and push-ups unscaled in the WODs.

His go-to classes are Level 2s for the variety, CrossFit Gymnastics as he feels he needs to improve most here and he enjoys them, he is also another of Jenny’s loyal Mobility and Flexibility regulars and has seen a marked improvement from attending these classes.

We asked Mark what was his favour part of training with us:

“A lot. The number and variety of classes is great. I really like all the trainers at the box, they all have a good eye for detail which means I feel more secure and able to push harder. All the trainers have a great sense of humour so the classes have the right balance of seriousness and lightheartedness. A big thing I like about the box is the variety of people who go, everyone is friendly and supportive and I’ve met lots of great people.”


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