Member spotlight

24 Oct

Who are our members? What have they achieved training with us? And what motivates them? Here’s a spotlight on one of the fantastic members of our community:

Kevin Sear

Kev has trained with us for quite some time, since February 2014 in fact. He came to CrossFit SE11 after looking for a gym that could teach him the Olympic lifts. Prior to joining us he wasn’t following any structured programme.

Some of his greatest achievements whilst being with us include extending our rig to include climbing ropes, boarding the walls, decorating, making cubby holes (say a little blessing for Kev each time you throw your coat in one) and most recently creating our Atlas stones.

He’s also found time to hit 200kg on his deadlift, 170kg on back squat, though nobody mention bench press, it’s a sore point. He’s also worked with coach Jenny on nutrition and reduced his bodyweight by 8kg over 5 months whilst maintaining his strength (check out the amazing transformation photos here). Following this he knocked off 26 seconds on ‘Grace’ and can now do 10 strict handstand push-up. And a less conventional PB was a recent sandbag carry of 55kg over 200m with no stops (previously having to stop four times). He’s still waiting for that elusive muscle up.

He is an all rounder with the classes hitting Level 2, powerlifting, gymnastics, mobility and strongman. He understands the importance of variety and focusing his efforts on some of our speciality classes more when he feels it will benefit him.

So why CrossFit SE11? In his words:

“Fun friendly and welcoming atmosphere a good healthy level of competitiveness (most of the time). Coaches that know your strengths and weaknesses and attend to the details and have a genuine interest in your performance and progression.”


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