Speciality programming in the coming weeks

01 Oct

An overview of the programmes in the coming weeks.

Level 2

In case you missed it, read what Coach Nick has to say here about his programming approach as he begins to programme the CrossFit WOD classes from October.

CrossFit Powerlifting

Next cycle, which will retest in 12 weeks (early Dec), will follow the Juggernaut 2.0 lifting cycle. You can expect a higher volume of lifting (the first week is 5×10!) with an emphasis on quality over load. All your bench presses will be to the Powerlifting standard of dead stop and deadlifts will be tap ‘n’ go.

For our accessories and SWODs, I will be including more unilateral work to help fix imbalances, less gassy SWODs (that means fewer burpees) and less outside work (as the summer is behind us), but an increase in weight and barbell movements.

CrossFit Gymnastics

Over the next six weeks the programming will see a focus on the gymnastics rings. As always this means muscle-up work and you should expect to see a greater emphasis on strength on this movement as we see tempo, negatives, 3-position and complexes. In addition there will be an effort to include more skin the cat, german hang etc.

In addition, we continue to include more parallette movements. Looking to master L-sit, planche variations, also handstand holds on parallettes to challenge the grip position and donkey kicks/tuck press to handstand.

As always you’ll find a balance between push and pull, static and dynamic, handstand, rings and ab/core work.

Skills on Saturday will continue to have a focus on kipping mechanics and efficiency alongside rotation of all the usual WOD skills.

Sleven Strongman

The emphasis over the next six weeks is to continue to build our exposure on the yoke and figure out our maxes across a range of differences. With the prowlers on their way back very soon, we’ll be back on our rope pulls, drag, pushes and harness as soon as possible.

The usual varied warm ups looking at hitting working all planes of motion, scapular work and the various sandbag carry distances. I also want to focus more on grip strength over the next 6 weeks to assist with the Atlas stones and so we can progress to our elusive 97kg Atlas.

Wednesday mornings will continue to be more of strength focus with appearances from all the big lifts, isolation work and some fun curve balls like sandbag box squats and some kettlebell challenges.

Olympic Weightlifting

This will continue to be run in a clinic style with each week cycling between snatch and clean & jerk with the opportunity to go heavy on each lift.

Mobility & Flexibility

Slight change in class format over the next 8 weeks.

October will be focused on just Upper Body and switch over to Lower Body in November.

The goal over the next two months is to develop more consistency and frequency on just a few key areas in order to see progression. This class is your dedicated time to make some changes with consistency.

Expect one or two drills to work on your own time as homework.

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