Bring-a-Friend WOD this coming Sunday

02 Nov

We’re running our Bring-a-Friend WOD this Sunday.

The biggest promotional tool we use is word-of-mouth. We don’t do introductory discounts or early-bird deals and we don’t intend to. CrossFit is based on long-term lifestyle change, not quick fixes and easy options. But for some, the hardest part is that initial plunge into a Level 1 class.

Bring-a-friend allows you to bring a friend and let them try out a CrossFit class for free with you.

All our current members need to do is book onto the class as you normally would. All your friend needs do is show up, sign a paper waiver and join in. No signing up, no need to book-in online, no need to pay. Just be willing to give it a try.

You can bring only one friend per class. If you have someone else you’d like to bring, you will have to wait until the following month (they will move around but we’ll be running one during every month) or get another member to bring them.

If your friend likes it, great; they can sign up and start booking Level 1 classes. If they don’t like it, then at least you get to laugh about that time you coerced them into joining your CrossFit class and you both bickered all the way through the workout and stopped talking for a week.

The class is this Sunday (5th Nov) at 11:30 with Tim.

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