New Year, New Box

31 Dec

It’s all change at CrossFit SE11 for 2018.


Over the Christmas period we’ve been busy sprucing up the gym ready for you to make some serious gains in 2018. Here’s what’s been happening. 


New Gym


The gym floor has been rearranged and tidied up so that there is more space in each class and we can make full use of the new rig. There is also now a dedicated Open Gym area and PT space where you can work on your own programming or with one of your coaches 1-2-1. 


New Coaches


Introducing Mike Lee and Kyle Clark. Mike is coming on board at CFLDN to oversee and run the CF SE11 and CF London businesses; some of you will have already met him at today’s NYE class. Kyle is joining the team as a senior coach and will we running the Sleven Strongman classes as well as the new SE11 Competition class on Saturday morning. Both Mike and Kyle are offering 1-2-1 training; if you want to know more, click on their names to email them. Expect to see them around the gym often in the coming weeks including a proper introduction.


New Beginners classes 


The old Level 1 introductory course has been redesigned for 2018 as CrossFit Fundamentals. These 4 sessions will be running every weekend starting on the 6th of January, so there’s never been a better time to bully your nearest and dearest into joining. Click here or email for details.


New Schedule 


With the new coaching team and new space at SE11 the schedule has been redesigned to make better use of the space. There are now Open Gym slots throughout the week, a few super-early 6:30am classes, two new Olympic Lifting classes, alongside all the old faithfuls: Sleven Strongman, MetCon, Mobility, etc. The Level 2 classes are now “CrossFit WOD” (seeing as Levels 1, 3 and 4 no longer exist, it seemed time for a change). 


New Shop


Last but certainly not least, the front end of the gym has been given a major spruce to turn it into a shop and reception area. You can now buy protein bars, protein powder, pre-workout, water, apparel and classes from the reception desk and pay with card or cash. And best of all you don’t have to go into MBO. Throughout January we will be working to expand the things we stock there to hopefully include coffee and new tshirts. 

With all the above going on, 2018 is going be an exciting year at SE11. And don’t forget, the Open is less than 2 months away!

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