Member of the Week: 25 February 2018

25 Feb

This week’s Member of the Week goes to


Dani Cabral

Our very own Brazilian rock and roller, Dani spends half his time at SE11 and the other half at our sister gym in Bethnal Green making him a true part of the CrossFit London family. Seeing Dani go hard on Friday night in 18.1, it reminded me of Dani’s achievements in The 2017 Open hitting every workout RX for the first time. With a year of consistent training under his belt, Dani looks ready to push on and get higher up the leaderboard. Dani will be hoping for a WOD that has us all hanging off a pull-up bar for time after his performance in benchmark workout “Coffland”. Whether you see him at SE11 or CFL, just be sure to look out for his new look: bleach blonde hair!

Parabens Dani!

Member of the Week: 18 February 2018

18 Feb

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Ben Leader-White

For someone who has only been training with us for several months, I haven’t seen anyone as dedicated to improvement or the community as Ben. On Friday night Ben showed up to Nando’s despite not even coming to FNL just so he could hang out with us! Not one to stroke his own ego, Ben attends all class types and is very sensible on his approach to improvement. Small changes and consistency have helped him get his first pull-up and I’ve never seen Ben as lean as I did the other night.

Keep it up Benji, trust the process!

Houses for The Open

13 Feb

You might have noticed some Houses on the whiteboard above the front desk at the gym. What in Westeros do they mean? This year we will be dividing everyone who has signed up for The Open on The CrossFit Games website up into three Houses. As a continuation of our fantasy theme, we are using Houses from the hit books and TV series Game of Thrones led by Coaches Tim, Juan, and Nick. If none of this makes any sense to you, think along the lines of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin competing at Quidditch in Harry Potter. If this still makes no sense to you, may I suggest you brush up on your fantasy literature! After each workout, we will aggregate each House’s scores and rank the Houses against each-other. Houses will be chosen at random, although bribes will be accepted. We will be pummelled by the Night King (Dave Castro) and his army of White Walkers for 5 weeks but together we can defeat them!

House Targaryen

Led by Coach Tim Targaryen the Wise, House Targaryen’s sigil is a three headed red dragon on a black background and the House words are “Fire and Blood”. Generations of compound inbreeding have preserved in the Targaryen bloodline the classic Valyrian features of silver-white (platinum blonde) hair, and very fair, pale skin. Allegedly, this also preserved in their bloodline the ability to successfully bond with and ride dragons. They also seem to be somewhat more tolerant of extreme heat and high temperatures than other people, though they are by no means invulnerable to fire – or at least, not all of them. Unfortunately, some believe that this practice of inbreeding has also caused the trait of insanity to plague House Targaryen; though some members are known to be perfectly normal psychologically-speaking, other Targaryens throughout history have displayed bizarre, erratic and sometimes violent behaviour, succumbing to the so-called ‘Targaryen madness’.

House Martell

Spearheaded by Coach Juan Martell the Passionate, he’s famous for having said: “Unbowed, unbent, unbroken’. The words of House Martell. A promise to our enemies, and a challenge to our lovers.” The Martells are famous for never having been successfully conquered by outsiders making them unique among all of the Great Houses. The House sigil is a combination of the original Martell sigil – a yellow spear – and the emblem of Princess Nymeria – a red sun – to symbolize the marriage of the warrior-queen to Mors Martell. While many of the Martells are hot-tempered, especially Coach Juan, they are a close-knit and loving family, undivided by internal rivalries such as those in House Lannister and House Baratheon.

House Stark

One of the few noble Houses whose family motto is neither a boast or a threat, the House Stark family motto is a warning, one that, no matter the circumstances, will always be relevant: “Winter Is Coming.” The Starks lost power in The North to House Bolton before Coach Nick Snow the Bastard retook Winterfell after vanquishing death. House Stark is one of the oldest lines of Westerosi nobility, claiming a line of descent stretching back over eight thousand years. Known for upholding their honour, sometimes to their own detriment, The Starks are represented by a grey direwolf on their sigil.


Member of the Week: 11 February 2018

11 Feb

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Phil “Power” Maxwell

An Iron Lady in more than one way, Phil has become an SE11 regular. I started calling him Phil Power after he mentioned to me during a session early on in his CrossFit career that he had a lot of power in his legs! Since then it’s just stuck. All joking aside, Phil has a fantastic attitude and combines hard work and determination with a great sense of humour. His background in top level rowing has provided him with a solid base for CrossFit and has been going from strength to strength since he joined. You’ll recognise Phil Power in your class from his pink baseball cap and top bantz!

Well done Phil!

The 2018 CrossFit Open at CrossFit SE11

11 Feb

You can’t have helped but notice that the 2018 CrossFit Open is just around the corner. Here’s what you need to know about the 2018 Open at CrossFit SE11.


The CrossFit Open runs for 5 weeks from Feb 22nd to Mar 26th. The WODs are released very early on Friday mornings and you have the weekend to complete them.

As previous years, Friday evenings will play host to the main event Open WODs. There are two slots to book into, an early and a late, but as per usual timings are at the mercy of Dave Castro and whatever he programmes.

If you can’t make Friday nights or the Open Gym slots, the coaches will be available to book for special 1-2-1 PT sessions for £20 per workout. They will advise you on your warm-up, strategy, and coach you through the workout as they judge at a time which is convenient to you.

Final Friday and Social

As ever, the final Friday on 23rd March will finish with a social, awards and probably beer-pong, This year’s (totally optional) theme is Fantasy. Think Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, C.S. Lewis, Wizard of Oz, or Alice in Wonderland.

We’re currently looking for a venue to move onto afterwards. More on this later.


Last year, you were sorted into teams. This year, your coaches will head up their own Tribes (sorted at random when you sign up).

If you sign up for  SE11, Nick, Juan and Tim will lead teams (team names at coach discretion). To be part of a team you will need to be signed up for the Open on the Games Website, but you do not need to be signed up on the Games website to participate (you just need to book into the workouts).

Or if you sign up for CrossFit London, Mike, Joe, Kyle and Carolyn will lead teams.

Prepping for the Open

Between now and the 23rd February keep an eye on the blog and the Facebook group for news, updates, tips, and special events.

Email if you have any concerns or questions.

Member of the Week: 04 February 2018

04 Feb

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Belinda Heaney

Our resident Aussie Sheila, Belinda arrived at our doors already as an experienced CrossFitter. Nonetheless, Belinda has improved leaps and bounds in the past few months. Often seen cycling the barbell, she can make short work of any complex! Not only a coachable and accomplished athlete, Belinda knows how to bring the bantz and the fun to any class. While others are gasping for oxygen mid-WOD, you’ll find Belinda having a dance. Training is hard but not when you get to workout with such positivity!

Well done B!


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