Coffee and Shake Bar!

15 Mar

New and shiny things just don’t stop arriving at SE11! This Friday during Open WOD 18.4, yours truly will be performing several roles including coach, barista, judge, and SE11’s official Open score verifier! Lots of changes have been afoot at the gym and we’re committed to making it better. That’s why all profits from the bar will be directly reinvested in new kit and improvements to the gym.

Espresso Machine

Do you want to get the maximum out of your 18.4 performance? Caffeine is a well known and PROVEN supplement to boost your athletic performance. Several studies have demonstrated a link between caffeine intake before exercise and increased athletic performance. A report published in Sports Medicine refers to caffeine as a “powerful ergogenic aid,” and mentions that athletes can “train at a greater power output and/or train longer” after caffeine consumption. This is partly because caffeine helps reduce muscle pain/soreness mid-WOD, allowing you to push out those few extra reps to get the better of your arch-frenemy. We’ll be selling everything from espressos, to americanos to lattes!

Espresso £1.90
Double Espresso £2.20
Americano £2.20
Flat White £2.50
Latte £2.50


If coffee is not your thing but you want all the benefits it provides, we also sell Grenade 0.50 Calibre Pre-Workout in Berry Blast flavour, which comes with a strong dose of caffeine.

Shake Bar

On top of coffees, I’ll be on hand to provide protein shakes before or after your workout. Friday Open nights have been known to last several hours and you might find yourself hanging around before you get your Nando’s chicken fix. One of these shakes could be your perfect pre-workout boost or post-workout recovery. Why don’t you leave your protein at home tomorrow and try one of our three delicious flavours?

Performance Shake £4.00 Delicious chocolate & banana with 30g protein powder
Up ‘n’ Go Shake £5.25 Performance shake with a shot of our finest espresso
Gains Train Shake £6.00 Up ‘n’ Go shake with 5g creatine


Lastly, we are receiving a shipment of Barebells protein bars which literally flew off the shelves last week. If you haven’t tried one, it’s like eating a candy bar without any of the guilt but all of the gainz! We are selling the Cookies & Cream and Caramel & Cashew flavours for £2.50 each.

Coach Nick

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