Eco For Life Water Bottles

14 Mar

You may have noticed some new water bottles in the fridge at the front desk and yes, they’re for sale! We at SE11 care about your body and what you put in it, but we also care about the environment. As a result, we took the decision to introduce some very environmentally friendly water bottles called Eco For Life.

So what makes these water bottles so special?

Eco For Life bottles are made from Polylactic Acid (PLA), a substance derived from sugar starch, commonly found in sugar based crops such as corn. As a result, Eco For Life water bottles are the only 100% plant based product in Europe. Plastic bottles are made from oil, a finite resource, and are well known to be bad for the environment. Not only do we burn fossil fuels to create plastic bottles but they are needed to recycle them too. Harmful greenhouse gases such as CO2 are emitted from he burning of fossil fuels but this can be offset and consumed by crops, such as the ones used by Eco For Life. Only 0.04% of the annual global crop is used to produce PLA, which means there is little to no impact on world food pricing.

How are the bottles recycled?

Eco for Life bottles can be recycled into a product that can be used as a valuable soil supplement. Recycling this product is a two-step degradation process. First, the moisture and heat in the compost pile attacks the polymer chains and splits them apart, creating smaller polymers and finally lactic acid, a fully sustainable source. They can also be sent to Waste for Energy sites where the bottles produce a high temperature and burn without releasing pollutants returning the material back to a polymer.

So what’s the actual water like?

Delicious! You’ll find the bottles are filled with still Spring Water which is sourced from one of Britain’s beautiful national parks, New Forest in Hampshire. Not only are you buying an environmentally friendly product that’s good for you but you’re supporting British business!

Next time you’re feeling parched after a WOD, be sure to grab a bottle!

Eco for Life water bottles are being sold at the front desk at £1.50 each.



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