Member of the Week: 08 April 2018

08 Apr

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Rufus Kleinwort

After Friday night’s showdown and making Rufus sick to his stomach with nerves for almost a week it was only fair that I gave a little back to the poor fella. Miroslav rightly took all the plaudits on Friday with his performance in 18.6 but I didn’t want that to overshadow Rufus’ excellent and consistent performances over the five weeks of The Open. His most memorable WOD was 18.2 not only getting the fastest time in the gym but also the second heaviest clean in 18.2a. The guy is fast AND strong!

We shouldn’t forget that he’s been called the LeBron James of beer pong in some circles after winning the inaugural SE11 Beer Pong Championship with his buddy Luke.

Well done Rufus!

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