Member of the Week: 15 April 2018

15 Apr

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Mitchell Richens

Underestimate Mitch at your peril! The first time Mitch attended my class I had him scale pull-ups to ring rows. Little did I know that Mitch went home that night saying to himself that he was going to prove to me at some point that he could do pull-ups. I often get messages from him asking how he can improve certain aspects of his fitness and I love his enthusiasm. Since he started 11 months ago, Mitch has developed beautiful kipping and strict pull-ups among a myriad of other skills. More proof that CrossFit works if you’re consistent and you trust the process! Mitch is also a lovely guy and a huge part of the community. He just completed a Spartan Race with a few other members and is a fixture in our Friday Night Lights class. He is a top bro!

Well done Mitch!

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