CrossFit Fundamentals – start here

Before you start our mainstream classes we need to teach you to move safely and effectively, which we will do through our Fundamentals course. Here’s everything you need to know about starting CrossFit classes at CFLDN: CrossFit SE11.

If you have completed a CrossFit Fundamentals course at another CrossFit Affiliate, you’re ok start mainstream classes. If not, read on.

The Fundamentals Process

We believe in an organic learning process, through constantly variation. We also understand that everyone learns at different paces and comes to us with different backgrounds in fitness. Some people will have great strength and weightlifting skills, but never done any gymnastics. Others may be Ultra-marathon runners who have never touched a barbell. Maybe you’re totally new to fitness of any sort. Whatever your background you will CrossFit at the Fundamental level to gain exposure to everything that CrossFit has to offer.

Step 1

You will meet with one of our instructors to discuss your fitness background and training goals. After this casual assessment they will explain in detail the Fundamentals process, and the options open to you once they are complete. To arrange your consultation, email:

Step 2

After your consultation you can purchase a 13 session CrossFit Fundamentals Membership. This lasts a month and will allow you to book into the CrossFit Fundamentals classes. Buy and book sessions here.

Step 3

Book into CrossFit Fundamentals classes.

Over the course of a month you will follow our WOD programming but at a slightly slower pace and with a heavy focus on technique. The workout at the end of each session is also the same or similar to the WOD sessions, but again at a lower intensity, focussing on technique.

Programming can be found via the TrainHeroic App – email or ask an instructor for the login details in your first class.

Step 4

After a month, or after you use all 13 sessions, you can choose to continue with more Fundamentals classes, or to start taking mainstream session.

A full price list can be found here.

Extra Support

iOS app.

You can learn many of the moves in our Fundamentals classes via our exclusive iOS apps. You’ll get all the step-by-step drills, info and movies you’ll need to perfect your Olympic Weightlifting, kettlebells, double-unders (free) and Strongman.

If you have an iPhone or iPad get yours now direct from your device or from the iTunes App Store.

Questions or problems

For further information please email and we’ll help you out with whatever you need to know.

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