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Before you start our mainstream classes we need to teach you to move safely and effectively, which we will do through our Fundamentals course. Here’s everything you need to know about starting CrossFit classes at CFLDN: CrossFit SE11.

If you have completed a CrossFit Fundamentals course at another CrossFit Affiliate, go to Step 4.

Step 1:

Go to our booking website and open an account (you may have to search “CrossFit London” from that link).

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Step 2:

From the booking website to the Online Store > Services > Fundamentals. Here you can purchase the following Fundamentals options:

CrossFit Fundamentals: £120 which will get you through all 4 of our Fundamentals classes.

CrossFit Fundamentals bolt-on: £45. This is a single session pass which you can use if you would like to re-take one of the Fundamentals classes, or if you need to rebook a class for which you late cancelled or were absent.

No other class package will be able to book into the Fundamentals sessions.

NB: All our class packages come with an expiry date. Please take note of this expiry before you purchase to make sure you can use all your classes before they expire.

Step 3:

Book into the Fundamentals Classes.C6CF1A84-B5BD-4AE5-8AFB-6C90D4E10906


The classes are every Sunday and each day covers two out of the four Fundamentals. The sessions alternate weekly between 1 & 2 and 3 & 4.

If you are unable to make Sundays, we also run the same Fundamentals course at our sister Gym CrossFit London every Saturday.

How quickly?

You can take the Fundamentals classes as quickly or slowly as you like. You can do one a week for 4 weeks, or you can do all 4 in one weekend by attending 2 sessions at CrossFit London on Saturday and the following 2 sessions at CrossFit SE11 on Sunday.

Take it at a pace which suits you!

Cancellation policy.

You can cancel any booked class more than 12 hours before it starts and reuse the session. If you cancel within 12 hours of the class, or do not show up for a booked class, you will lose the session and need to re-book it with a bolt-on.

Step 4:

You have finished the Fundamentals Classes.

Still nervous?

If you feel like you want some more practice, you can always redo the Fundamentals or work on specific areas of concern with a Personal Training session with one of our coaches – email for details. 

Ready to get going?

You can now book into our mainstream classes. We also run a large range of other fitness classes, from dedicated Olympic Lifting, speciality CrossFit Gymnastics, and CrossFit Powerlifting. You can use your carnets or monthly memberships to book into any of these classes.

Personal Training.

All of our coaches offer Personal Training for all aspects of CrossFit, Strength and Conditioning and Olympic Lifting.

If you’d like to organise some 1-to-1 sessions, contact the coach directly, or email and we can put you in touch with them.

Course content

Our Fundamentals course runs across 4 classes. Each class is 1 hour. Ideally you should complete them in order (1-2-3-4), but don’t worry if you can’t.

Fundamentals 1 – Bodyweight/gymnastics movements:

Movements covered: hollow body, handstands, pull-ups, push-ups, ring dips.

In this session we will teach you the basics of bodyweight movements, how they are used in classes, and how they can be scaled and adapted for all ability levels.

Fundamentals 2 –CrossFit movements:

Movements covered: CrossFit burpees, double-unders, wall ball cleans, wall balls, dumbell lifts.

There are certain movements which are specific to CrossFit, which you may not have encountered before; this class will introduce you to them as well as the movement standards we expect from you in classes.

Fundamentals 3 – Squats and presses:

Movements: front squat, back squat, overhead squat, strict/push press, rack and barbell etiquette.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. We go hard and heavy in CrossFit, and the heaviest we go is with barbells. This class will teach you the barbell basics from barbell squats and presses (the precursors to your Olympic Lifts), as well as how to safely use a rack, and barbell etiquette.

Fundamentals 4 – Olympic Lifts:

-OlyBeginnersMovements: clean, jerk, snatch.

The most technically difficult loaded movements you will do in CrossFit. The Olympic Lifts take hours to learn and years to master. In this session, you will be taught the basics of these lifts, how they are used in classes, and how best to progress them in the long term.

Extra Support

iOS app.

You can learn many of the moves in our Fundamentals classes via our exclusive iOS apps. You’ll get all the step-by-step drills, info and movies you’ll need to perfect your Olympic Weightlifting, kettlebells, double-unders (free) and Strongman.

If you have an iPhone or iPad get yours now direct from your device or from the iTunes App Store.

Questions or problems

For further information please email and we’ll help you out with whatever you need to know.

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