Freelance Personal Trainer Hire

The gym is available for hire by freelance personal trainers wishing to use the space when we don’t have two classes running simultaneously, or when the whole gym is not being used.

We typically run two classes simultaneously during 6.30 and 8.30pm weeknights and at certain times on Saturday. These would be the only times that freelance trainers would be unable to use the space.

The trainer must prove they have personal liability insurance, provide ID, proof of address and two professional references, along with a £50 deposit. They are then supplied with a key to the gym to allow access. Freelance personal training rent is £300 per calendar month (£360 including VAT).

For further information or to request hire please contact support.

Gym/Room Hire

The gym is also available for rent when we are closed or when only one class is being run. You only need to provide evidence of public liability insurance if you are conducting any activities that require this.

You can either the gym costing £100 for one hour. To book, you can do so via our online booking system here.

Please note: if you require the gym to opened up especially for you or for a trainer to be present for first aid then an additional charge may be required for this. We can also discuss with you the use of one of our trainers if needed.

Before booking any space hire please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will confirm availability and the details.


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