Mike Lee

CEO/Head Coach

Mike Lee is a Personal Trainer with a passion for helping people discover their true motivations.

A graduate of world-renowned sporting university Loughborough with a rich background in gymnastics and a love for extreme sports, he understands the importance of building a strong foundation, and always striving to learn.

After years as a fully booked PT across London and internationally, Mike understands the commitment needed to be a highly sought after coach, as well as the relationship between health, happiness, and quality coaching.

In his new role at CFL he is keen to help you reach you professional, fitness, and personal goals whilst sustaining a work/life balance in a way that works for you.

Mike is a compassionate and driven person who enjoys building relationships, helping people, and collaborating on projects. As a LuluLemon ambassador he is well connected in the fitness industry and often speaks at events and festivals.

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