At CrossFit SE11 we design and coach classes to meet the specific skills and capacity development needs of our clients, rather than choosing a one-size-fits-all approach.

In each CrossFit class you attend you will be training with other people with roughly the same skill and movement ability. As you progress through the levels, the skills become more demanding, the coaching more technical and the level of competition greater. We want you to get the maximum value out of your training time.

Level 1 – Beginners start here

Everyone starting CrossFit at CrossFit SE11 begins on our Level 1 Programme. This is a series of seven, one-hour sessions that introduce you to the core movements and skills required to progress to the general CrossFit classes (Level 2).

The focus of these sessions is primarily on movement quality and skill acquisition. We want you to get good enough at these skills that you are safe when performing them at higher intensities (read: heavier weights, higher repetitions). Within the Level 1 sessions the focus will be on the mechanics of the movement, in some classes we also include a short MetCon (metabolic conditioning often in a circuit style) at the end to give you some exposure to how this part of our classes feels and is structured.

The seven sessions are arranged as follows:
1.1 Squats
1.2 Presses
1.3 Deadlifts
1.4 Bodyweight skills
1.5 Kettlebells
1.6 Barbell snatch
1.7 Barbell clean & jerk

Our Level 1 programme is arranged on a drop-in basis; you can complete the sessions in nearly any order that you choose.

Click here to view our CrossFit Level 1 schedule

The exceptions are session 1.6 and 1.7 (the Olympic lifts) which require you to have completed 1.1 to 1.5 beforehand. We suggest you also book a few level 1 Adult Gymnastic or Gymnastic Strength classes to start work on your core, gymnastic skills and that crucial handstand!

Level 2 – Intermediate

Level 2 is where your CrossFit journey begins in earnest (or continues, if you done your Beginner’s training elsewhere).
Our Level 2 classes follow the classic CrossFit formula of being constantly varied (different skills every day) and high intensity (a daily WOD).
The format of the classes tends to follow the template below:Functional warm-up/mobilisation

  • Functional warm-up/mobilisation
  • Skills and/or strength work
  • WOD specific preparation
  • WOD
  • Mop up pools of sweat, high five, leave gym, go home and eat

Click here to view our CrossFit Level 2 schedule

Level 3 – Experienced

Attendance at our Level 3 classes is reserved for those clients who are reaching a high level of capacity across the full range of CrossFit skills. The Level 3 classes build on this foundation by introducing increasingly difficult and technical skills (e.g. handstand walking) and a more technical coaching framework.

Clients may request to be added to the Level 3 register at any time, although the decision to promote will be at the discretion of the coaching team. As such, only clients who have trained with us for an extended period of time are likely to be promoted to Level 3 if we feel they are ready will benefit more from these classes.

Level 4 – Competitive – or the Next Level – is for clients who wish to take their CrossFit skills to the competitive arena.

We want you to get the maximum value out of your training time. If you are new to CrossFit, have not received any formal coaching in the core skills, or have less than 2-3 months experience at another CrossFit gym, you should start with our Level 1 programme. If you are already an experienced CrossFitter then you should be able to join our Level 2 classes.

If you are in doubt, then start with our Level 1 programme.

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